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graphic tutorial for newer psp users [easily translatable]

Hello there, i thought i would post this tutorial for newer psp users... i do not know exactly what to call this effect, and i apologize if this has been around before. 

program used: paint shop pro 7
level: beginner/easy
easily transferable [im sure]

turn this into this:

i have made all of the pictures of the steps 100x100 size so it wont be so image heavy. otherwise, you can use any size you want.

step one: choose a picture. i chose this picture of emma watson. crop the picture to your liking.
step two: sharpen the picture.

step three: duplicate the layer and set it to soft light.

step four: merge all layers.
step five: copy the picture.
step six: go to effects>blur>gaussian blur. set the radius to 5 or 6.

step seven: paste the original picture over the blurred layer and set it to hard light. [however, you can set it to whatever setting youd like for the effect.]

step eight: merge all layers.

i really hope that this makes sense :/ its my first tutorial lol.
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